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The Cheslatta Carrier Nation is based at Southbank, on the south shore of Francois Lake, 23 kilometres south of Burns Lake. Many members of the Cheslatta Carrier Nation live on 17 Indian Reserves scattered over a vast area known as the ‘Southside’. Prior to 1952, the people of the Cheslatta Carrier Nation lived for centuries on the shores of Cheslatta and Murray Lakes. We enjoyed a peaceful, self-sustaining existence. Through the centuries, the Cheslatta people developed a complex system of roads, trails and paths connecting our small villages to the communities of Grassy Plains, Fraser Lake and Vanderhoof.

In 1950, the BC Government granted the Aluminum Company of Canada (Alcan) the rights to all of the water in Cheslatta traditional territory which flowed into the Nechako River. This was the start of a giant hydroelectric project in which Alcan was to dam the Nechako River which would flood Ootsa, Tetachuk and Tahtsa Rivers, creating the 400 kilometer long Nechako Reservoir. Our lives would be forever changed. The new Cheslatta Carrier Nation website will include an extensive and detailed Cheslatta History section so the incredible story of resilience of the Cheslatta people never fades.

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Below are updates from Chief Corrina Leween regarding the Cheslatta Carrier Nation Community and the Ratification Process. Please direct any questions to our Contact Form below.



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